Deep Freud Oreos

marjijane asked: Thank you Freud for helping me with my dreams. Some of your interpretations are slightly off but I understand the direction you are going in, you read me?


pleased that I could be of some assistance Marji. Many people disregard my theories but I don’t care. I know the truths 

kingcreon22 asked: Freud I can respect your innovative idea that humans are largely driven by their sexual energies.. I myself can reflect and see how that may be so with my impulsive actions and reckless decision making.


I’m pleased to hear that you find this topic relative to your own experiences. Though, naturally, I’m not surprised by this considering the incestuous relationships that are presented around you. 

kingcreon22 asked: Freud all of your posts have been rather off putting. If you were a citizen of Thebes you'd be cast away through exile. For you'd be the only one in Thebes who thinks in ways that diverge from their leader.


Good thing I live in Austria! My ideas are quite disturbing to more people than just yourself. I should consider making a trip out to Thebes to educated the citizens on my theories. 

marjijane asked: I was wondering, do I have daddy issues because me and my father are so close. I mean me and my mother are the ones who have the mother daughter issue


Well daddy issues come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Actions that display severe daddy issues are usually displayed by hyper sexuality, outward flirtation, over exposure of body, ect. However in your case you’re experiencing my theory of the Electra Complex which is strikingly similar to the Oedipus Complex only for females. You have more of an affectionate relationship with your father because hes of the opposite sex and there is always a sexual under toe to relationships involving you and the opposite sex. The issues with you’re mother have to do with a power struggle and duel for your fathers attention. I hope this helps. 

gilgagangsta asked: I had the crazy dream and I am hoping you could help make meaning of it for me. I had a dream that I was laying in a mountain valley and that and within a swift second, the mountain fell. I also recently had a dream that stars were falling from the sky, my mother said it was the forthcoming of my friend Enkidu and it is true that he entered in my life shortly after but I was wondering what you would think about that.


Well Gilgamesh, in regards to your dream about the mountain, a landscape like a mountain valley symbolizes a woman’s pelvic region. The mountain represents the male genitalia, it falling onto you in the valley symbolizes an aggressive contact between the two. Naturally, this dream is about sexual penetration. Your dream about the stars appears to be a little more difficult to interpret. I would say that your mothers interpretation seems incorrect. Usually dreams are a wish fulfillment that you cannot actually fulfill in your conscious mind. Do you remember what you were doing around the time of your stars dream? Were there any events that really stuck out to you? 

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